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  • You can opt for a visit at the well known Museum of Chocolate, Bonnat Museum, Basque Museum, or the Sea Museum where you will be able to see the feeding of the seals. Or the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao which is a 2-hour drive away.
    You can also tilt towards the original and opt for the museum of Bayonne Ham, visit the makers of the Makila (the typical Basque walking stick) in Larresore, the makers of pottery at Osses, or the Espelette peppers farm (in summer).
    We will be happy to help and guide you in choosing the right visit amongst a wide range of options depending on your preferences, family requirements, and the weather.

    Note that the Cité of Ocean and Surfing is now open!


    In Biarritz: Museum of Biarritz History, Museum of Chocolate, Sea Museum, Cité of Ocean and Surfing, Asatica Museum.
    In Bayonne: Bonnat Museum, Basque Museum.
    In Bilbao: Guggenheim Museum (200 km drive).